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Piano Lessons for Adults

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 If you thought piano lessons were just for your kids, then think again. The piano is one instrument that can be learned by all ages with a little effort and a good amount of passion, which makes it appealing to both the young and the old. You may be middle-aged, the mother of two teenage boys, or a grandfather who has never tried his hand at any instrument. It does not matter who you are or how old you are, learning to play the piano is completely and utterly doable. You can learn to play the piano and master it too if you have a passion for music and the will to learn it well. These are two keys parts of beginning your journey playing the piano. If you have always dreamed about playing the piano, you can make that dream come true with Atheer Daniel Youkhana, who provides private piano lessons in Chicago, IL.

Take Piano Lessons for Quality “Me Time”

Piano playing lessons give grownups the chance to indulge in the fine “me time” that most of them yearn for. When you need some time away from your family and work, playing the piano is more productive than watching the reruns of Survivor or Friends on TV. It’s not only a distraction from stress or other factors, but it is an excellent and rewarding learning experience, as well as a praiseworthy talent. Learning to play the piano lets you get in touch with and nurture your musical abilities. The joy and the sense of pride you can get by playing an instrument like the piano is incomparable, and is far superior compared to the entertainment that the internet or the television provides.

Become a Student, Encourage Children to Learn

By enrolling for the piano lessons for adults, you would be creating a positive example about learning for your children. When you are not shy to become a student at your age, you are setting an example and encouraging your children to learn what they enjoy. With private lessons, you can also participate in group sessions for the family, where you and your children can take the lessons together. It is also a nice idea to have someone playing the piano in the house; this always provides a nice sense of relaxation as well as something to enjoy.

Pursue the Hobby at Your Convenience

As an adult, you will have a lot of responsibilities and a busy schedule to manage. That is precisely why our private lessons offer tailor-made piano lessons for adults. The piano classes offered for adults are designed to be flexible and to conveniently fit your extremely busy schedule. Whether you choose the group sessions at the studio or private lessons at your home, you can be assured of getting quality piano lessons in whatever time you allocate for it.

Perform for an Audience

Whether you want to play the piano for your own gratification or to get the admiration of a huge audience, the piano lessons you take with our private lessons will prepare you for it. Atheer Daniel Youkhana, your instructor, is an experienced pianist and is an active professional performer. He gives solo performances, and also performs with his ensemble of students from time to time. When you choose Atheerian, you not only get quality instruction for playing the piano, but also the opportunity to showcase and take pride in the musical abilities you have developed through lessons, dedication, and passion.

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