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Atheerian Piano - Inspiring Piano Lessons for Kids

Learning the piano at a young age can be quite rewarding. One of the best ways to bring out your child's musical talents out is to start with lessons in playing the piano. The piano is a fantastic musical instrument that is extensively used for solo performances, concerts, ensembles etc. More than anything, it is easy to learn and can be great for boosting your child's self-esteem. This makes it the first choice for anybody with serious aspirations to become a musician. If your children have a keen interest in music, Atheerian Piano studio has just the right piano lessons for them.

Well-Rounded Education in Music

At Atheerian Piano, your child will not just learn the technicalities of playing the instrument. He or she will also be learning about the various aspects of music including music history, theory, playing technique, ear-training programs and note reading abilities. Depending on your convenience, you can enroll your child in our group sessions or ask for private piano lessons at your home.

Group Sessions - Group piano lessons for children are fun when you take them at Atheerian Piano. The sessions aim at developing the child's musical abilities through simple, easy-to-understand instructions. The group sessions render basic piano lessons through easy-going and encouraging teaching techniques, games and one-on-one guidance.

One-to-One Sessions - Atheerian Piano also offers private piano lessons for beginners and advanced students. The lessons are specially designed considering the goals, the extent of musical knowledge and abilities of the student.

Fun-Learning Experience

Atheer Daniel Youkhana is a qualified pianist with excellent communication skills. He brings together his musical knowledge, years of experience in playing the piano and his superb ability to communicate and listen, to instruct children effortlessly, all while providing a fun and unique learning experience. His ability to make piano lessons both fun and educational is what makes him the preferred piano teacher in Chicago.

How Piano Lessons can Benefit Your Kid

Music is known to have wonderful effects on people. If listening to music can be soothing, being able to create it can be that much better. If your child has an interest in music, the best way to nurture it is to enroll them for piano lessons. At Atheerian Piano, you can be assured to get your child a wholesome musical education in an environment that is safe and comfortable.

Atheerian Piano offers piano lessons for children of different age groups on a regular basis. Our aim is to provide your child the best possible music education he or she can get in Chicago. Choose Atheerian for your child's piano lessons and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the results.

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